John is a person of great wisdom and grace.  As a life coach, I find he is always deeply perceptive, providing gentle guidance to me as I explore my life and my dreams, and as I define my goals for the future. He understands the challenges of our business and personal lives, and he has helped me develop positive and effective and resilient responses to those challenges. I have also greatly valued our many discussions on Buddhist philosophies, most especially his warmth and generosity of spirit, and his unceasing encouragement to live mindfully and with an open heart.

– B. L., (CFA – General Partner Fahrenheit Wellness Fund and 212° Equity Fund)

I sought coaching from John amidst great confusion about my future, and John’s expertise helped me clarify my deepest goals and desires.  As a coach, John used his intelligence, compassion, and intuition to patiently guide me to my own greater insight, and I can’t thank John enough for his help.  I now have an understanding of my future that I never could have achieved on my own.

– T.P. (Vice President, Royal Bank of Scotland)

Working with John as a coach is an utterly unique experience. The combination of disciplines and perspectives he embodies – business, coaching, psychological, spiritual and plain old common sense – make for a very rich field of self-discovery. It’s somewhere between the council of a CEO and Yoda. Best advice he ever gave me: “Be like John Lennon. But just don’t get shot!” I think of it every day.

– N. S. (SVP Strategic insights + Research, MTV)

John Baker is one of the wisest people I’ve ever known.  His life experience has led him to approach the craft of life-coaching with humility, patience, and a profound empathy.  His communication cuts right through to the heart of the matter, and one is made to feel understood and, therefore, encouraged and confident.  And I can say with confidence that my life has benefited from knowing him.  I’m fortunate to have him as my coach.

– T.S. (Actor, Film, Stage, and Television)

John has been a great help to me, particularly as I approached and passed a personal milestone this year. I admire his wisdom and insight, and the ways in which he gently but firmly brings them to bear on a discussion or a coaching session. Processes like identifying core values have been very useful in helping me define paths to personal and professional growth. And I have also been inspired by John’s unfailingly positive outlook, which enlightens our conversations and provides a model for moving forward.

– R.S. (Director, Special Projects, DC Moore Gallery, New York)

John Baker is an unusually gifted and insightful individual.  He is perceptive, committed, honest, and caring, and I found his analytical skills as a businessman combined with his uncanny wisdom and kindness invaluable. My experience of working with John as a coach was grounding, enriching, and revealing. He helped me discover a renewed sense of purpose and an understanding of the critical importance that all the levels of my life need to work together. He is a uniquely talented consultant, and he has my unqualified recommendation.

– G.T.J. (Managing Partner and Founder, GT Realty Ct., LLC)

For coaching sessions call John Baker at (917) 512-1380